Monday, February 8, 2016

Wildwood gets a shoutout on Live! with Kelly & Michael

We always love to see Wildwood receive positive recognition, especially when it's for consumption by a national audience.

This morning on ABC's Live! with Kelly and Michael, co-host and South Jersey girl Kelly Ripa discussed her family's weekend visit to the island; they were in town for the National Wrestling Duals at the Wildwoods Convention Center, which her son competed in.

Ripa shared several photos, including a shot of her husband and son at the Wildwoods Sign (thanks to Sheila Mertens for the screen capture), talked about vacationing here over the years and generally had great things to say.

An unexpected but really cool few minutes of TV that was surely enjoyed by every Wildwood lover watching!

Now, does anyone know if and where episodes of this show are archived?

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