Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Voters say NO to medians in the Crest

Medians will not be coming to Pacific Avenue in Wildwood Crest, after all.

While an official vote total has not yet been tabulated, we have learned that the "no" votes have significantly outnumbered the "yes" votes in the referendum held today.

(Unofficial tally - No: 593, Yes: 311)

The medians would have been part of a $2.7 million infrastructure plan along Pacific from Morning Glory Road to Primrose Road, accounting  for approximately $465,000 (or 18 percent) of the project.

A bond ordinance was approved last October, but residents opposed to the plan were able to secure enough signatures to petition. The special vote was called for by the borough's commission, with Mayor Carl Groon and Commissioner Don Cabrera supporting the medians project, while Commissioner Joyce Gould voted against it.

The infrastructure plan will go on, but medians will surely not be included now.

The Pacific Avenue reconstruction project includes utility improvements consisting of the replacement of sewer mains and gas, water and storm drainage lines, road resurfacing and concrete work.

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