Thursday, October 15, 2015

Wildwood Police Make Touchdown in Childrens' Lives

L to R: Ptlm. Brian Nolli, Nilda Langston, Ptlm. Lucas
Bottoms, Ptlm. James Homan and Ptlm. Clarence Allen

When it comes to community relations, members of the Wildwood Police Department are known for going the distance. For a group of children in Sandman Towers, that distance was measured in touchdowns.

In an email received by Wildwood Police Chief Robert Regalbuto, Nilda Langston wrote that she was visiting the housing authority and found several officers playing football with children from the community.

Langston wrote that she was very surprised to find the officers playing with local children "after hearing that police presence was lacking" at Sandman Towers." Langston included a photo of the officers with the children.

"I wanted to send this photo," she wrote "to show how proud I was to see that I was wrong."

"Each of our officers is committed to revitalizing our community outreach program," Regalbuto said. "We are intent on bringing community policing to every area of the city, including the housing authority properties."

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