Monday, December 22, 2014

"Rock & Roll's Hidden Giant: The Story of Rock Pioneer Charlie Gracie" Available Now


Rock & Roll's Hidden Giant: The Story of Rock Pioneer Charlie Gracie (Alfred Music Publishing) - Available now at, and; Books will be in stores by mid-January

2015 Foreward by Sirs Paul McCartney and Cliff Richard

CHARLIE GRACIE was part of the birth of Rock & Roll and his unique guitar-style influenced some of the most important artists in rock history, including the Beatles, Cliff Richard, Van Morrison, Graham Nash the Kinks and countless others. 

He began his recording career years before Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly and Gene Vincent had even gotten started. 

Charlie's inspiring story traces his rise to the top of the charts through his fall from fame--thanks to the "chew-'em up, spit-em out" cut-throat world of pop music. 

The book covers everything, from his upbringing on the streets of South Philadelphia, to the tragic death of his great friend Eddie Cochran, to experiencing the dark side of Dick Clark and the early days of the music industry. 

Charlie'ss unfaltering integrity and talent were the constant guides in his life, providing an uplifting story of family and perseverance. 

 Rock and Roll History would not be the same without Charlie Gracie and this remarkable account is essential for ALL fans of Rock & Roll!

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