Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dolphin Inn owner Tim Patel honored

Kudos to the Wildwood Commissioners for recently honoring Dolphin Inn owner Tim Patel with a Certificate of Appreciation for his work in extensively renovating and rehabbing the former Eden Roc Motel at Atlantic & Bennett.

Not only did Patel and his crew do a fantastic job in bringing this "Doo Wop" gem back to life in 2013, he proved that it's never too late to save a landmark structure.

Much like the Caribbean Motel in the Crest, the Dolphin Inn can serve as a blueprint for future rehab projects. Both motels had fallen into states of distress before being purchased by their current owners.

And both motels are thriving, in addition to being successful examples of the preservation of the Wildwoods' colorful character and history.

Below is the official release from the city...


City Commissioners honored a local motel owner for renovations made to a property once considered a blight on the city’s landscape.

Tim Patel, owner of the Dolphin Inn, was recognized during April 9 Board of Commissioners meeting.

Mayor Ernie Troiano Jr. said Patel had taken “a very, very bad situation and made it very, very good.”

The mayor said Patel took the former Eden Roc Hotel and renovated it. According to Troiano the Eden Roc was one of the iconic hotels in the city that had fallen “into despair.”

“You took quite a task upon you to upgrade it,” said Troiano. “What you did with it was a miracle.”

The Dolphin Inn, is located at 5201 Atlantic Ave.

Renovations made to the motel maintain the city’s famous Doo-Wop style of architecture.

“It is with great pride that we commend you,” Troiano said.

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