Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A THANK YOU to our friends - Wildwood 365 turns 3-years-old today!

It's hard for us to believe, but today marks the third anniversary of the inception of Wildwood 365!

Check out our very first post, from 1/18/09: Welcome to Wildwood 365!

At that point, we had no idea what our humble little blog would develop into. The initial idea was to create something that would allow us (and our close friends) to better keep track of the happenings and events taking place in the Wildwoods, particularly during the "offseason" months.

We are so thankful for all of the support we've received over the past three years, which has allowed us to grow and evolve into a more functionable resource.

We were thrilled and humbled to accept the 2011 Social Media Marketing Award from the Greater Wildwood Chamber of Commerce. ("Seriously, I'm still waiting for someone to pinch me."  -- Al)

Wildwood 365 is closing in on 25,000 "likes" on Facebook, which is a milestone we never dreamed we'd reach. But, as I've said in the past, it isn't really about the numbers...

It's about the friends, businesses, and Wildwood enthusiasts, in general, that we've been able to connect with. We sincerely hope you enjoy the blog, and please stay tuned: we have several upgrades and improvements coming in 2012, highlighted by our new website (which we hope to debut in March).

THANKS AGAIN to all of our friends and readers. Here's to the Wildwoods!

-- Al, Angie, Dave, Mike, Sean, Dana, Greg, Bob, & Vince

P.S. - And I would be remiss in not mentioning that today also marks the 8th anniversary of the day my little bundle of joy (and hyper destruction) came into the world. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Lucas! From, Mommy & Daddy.   -- Al & Angie

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