Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mor-supial Madness: KANG'A'BOUNCE arrives at Surfside Pier

While this year's major additions at Morey's Piers are slated to be waterpark attractions (Wipeout at Ocean Oasis & the new River Adventure at Raging Waters), visitors will notice some changes to the 2012 amusement lineup as well.

Yesterday morning, the new Kang'A'Bounce family ride from Zamperla arrived and will soon be installed at Surfside Pier.

According to Zamperla's website:

"Zamperla's newest family and tweener ride, the 'KANG'A'BOUNCE - It's a blast of family fun!', packs a powerful punch of fun as it takes riders on a 'land down under' bouncing adventure. Riders sit side by side in kangaroo themed seats and are treated to a ride full of bounces and surprises. 

"Our design team set out to develop a new generation family flat ride building on the popular jumper ride idea which would use time tested technology for a budget and maintenance friendly ride."

Here's the Kang'A'Bounce in action...

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