Saturday, January 14, 2012

Giant Postcards Showing the Wildwoods’ Amusement Piers Featured Internationally

Kalyn Magee, model-spokesperson for the “Giant Postcard Exhibition”, presents Tony Gorbatow
of Hankins Fudge with a “Giant Postcard” of Hunt’s Pier.

The December 2011 issue of “Amusement Today”, the leading trade publication for the amusement industry worldwide, contains the feature story titled: “Wildwood’s Hankins Fudge remembers shore heritage through ‘Giant Postcard’ series”.

The following is an excerpt from the story:

“Ken and Tony Gorbatow, the identical twins who have owned the sweet spot since 1977, are creating a trip back through time by helping to reinvent an iconic (albeit discontinued) Wildwood brand.  They have acquired the first of a limited edition series of vintage three (3) foot by two (2) foot ‘Giant Postcards’ made from ‘Designer Series Postcards’ produced by Douglas Hunsberger and distributed on the island in the 1980’s. The image is now prominently on display as décor within the store.

"Morey’s Surfside Pier at Twilight, 1983”, 25th Street and the Boardwalk,
North Wildwood Copyright © 1983, 2011 (remastered) Douglas Hunsberger
‘We set out to replicate an old-fashioned candy store buying experience within a specific era,’ said Tony Gorbatow. ‘This image represents the Wildwood brand from the 1980’s. A large percentage of our clientele are baby boomers and their children. The postcards feature the scenes they saw here during their first visits to the resort as children or teenagers.

'Some may have sent the very same image to a friend when it was actually on a postcard.’

‘Giant Postcards are fun and educational for all ages,’ said Ken Gorbatow. ‘The older generation feels like they’ve stepped back in time, and the young ones have a chance to understand something of their parent’s history.’

"Hunt's Pier with Tramcar, 1984."
Copyright © 1984, 2012 Douglas Hunsberger
While the concept of making enlargements from scans of printed postcards is hardly new, the dot pattern used to create the printed card quickly degrades the image relative to the increase in size. “Giant Postcards” are made from digitally remastered drum scans of the original materials (photographic transparencies) used to make the cards. This is the first time postcards have been reinvented in this fashion in the United States. The resulting digital files are outputted as giclee (pronounced: “jhee – clay”) prints made with archival pigment based inks.”

Other businesses in and around the Wildwoods have also acquired Giant Postcards to use as artwork. Giant Postcards are an unforgettable addition to décor packages for motel lobbies, restaurants and retail establishments. They are also unique conversation pieces and attractive  décor for inside the home.

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