Friday, May 20, 2011

New tables arrive at Maui's Dog House

Courtesy of Maui's Dog House

Already sporting a colorful new awning and signage for the 2011 season, Maui's Dog House (8th & New Jersey Avenue) just received and installed 12 new metal tables.

The alternating yellow and orange benches replace the previous wooden ones, and add yet another practical and aestheticall- pleasing touch to our favorite hot dog joint at the Jersey Shore.

Click the image above or HERE to see more!


  1. YAY!!! My OES Maui says she can't wait to come see you guys again!!!

  2. Maui is THE best Dog place in All of the Wildwoods. Since the year it opened, the very first thing we do when we get on the Island is stop and get a Maui Dog. And let's not forget the Balls this guy has. Mmmmmmmm Deliciously Good. I could go for some now.