Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Election Results: Team Troiano triumphs

For all intents and purposes, we can now refer to Ernie Troiano as the "once and future" mayor of Wildwood.

According to these still-unofficial results, Troiano and his team of Pete Byron and Anthony Leonetti defeated a field comprised of five other contenders, including current mayor Gary DeMarzo and commissioners Ed "Chip" Harshaw and Al Brannen, and will assume seats on City Council.

The three city commissioners decide who amongst them will hold the office of mayor. Generally, it is the top vote-getter, which in this case is Troiano. Also consider that Troiano has held public office previously, unlike Byron and Leonetti.

As stated yesterday, we here at Wildwood 365 make it a general rule to stay out of the "political stuff," but feel than any news that has or will have a major impact on the island's future is worth reporting on.

Team Troiano ran under the slogan of "It's Time... The Future is Now."

Indeed. There are some great things happening in Wildwood and here's hoping we can all work together to keep the momentum going, and ensure a bright future for our island.

Congrats to the winners, and the very best of luck moving forward!

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  1. and the little bit of tax relief we got this year will go right back