Friday, March 4, 2011

March-ing toward Opening Day at Morey's Piers

Sunny C. Gull will begin welcoming guests back to Mariner's Landing on April 16th

With just a month and a half - 43 days to be exact - until Opening Day at Mariner's Landing, final preparations are being made for Morey's Piers' 42nd season of operation.

Earlier this week, Wildwood 365 was given a behind-the-scenes tour of the piers and maintenance facilities, and learned more about what's in store for 2011... and beyond.

(On some topics, we've been sworn to secrecy; but trust that there is some big news on the horizon on both the "amusement" and "events" fronts.)

In the weeks to come, we will feature in-depth looks at the biggest changes for the upcoming season. Here's a quick preview of what's in store...

"it," the headline addition for 2011, is expected to arrive in the States in two shipments within the next two months. Prep work is ongoing at Surfside Pier, with a new deck and supports being installed. Dante's Dungeon and Rock 'N Roll are also being relocated to accommodate the new ride.

(And, yes, the literal "groundwork" is also being laid for the eventual construction of the mega coaster that will travel from Surfside over to Hunt's Pier and back.)

Down at Mariner's Landing, look for some major upgrades and a "whole new show" at Ghost Ship this year. Various new effects, props, and stunts, along with some scenery changes, are expected to make for a scarier experience with a more immersive feel.

Jumbo's Boardwalk Grille & Eatery is also in the midst of an extensive renovation. The interior is being remodeled at present, with work soon to continue on to the rear patio. When the project is completed, Jumbo's will boast Wildwood's first heated outdoor decks.

Another recent addition of note is the new paint shop building on the south side of the old Hunt's Pier. This now gives Morey's Piers separate paint, carpentry, and ride maintenance facilities on the premises, which will help streamline operations.

Among the first products of the new facility were the beautifully painted horses that were just recently re-installed on the Mariner's Landing Carousel.


Remember, this was just a brief rundown of what to expect at Morey's Piers this year. We will have much more info and photos on all of the above and more in the near future, starting with a look at "it" next week.

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