Thursday, November 19, 2009

Surveying the Aftermath of "Nor'Ida"

Wildwood Leader staff writer Carole Mattessich has compiled a detailed recap and assessment of the damage caused by last weekend's Nor'Easter, including first hand accounts from residents and comments by various officials.

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- North Wildwood and West Wildwood suffered the most damage

North Wildwood

- Mayor Bill Henfey: Dunes "from 21st Stree down" sustained major impact, Inlet Beach lost substantial amount of sand
- "Whole beach dramatically lowered in elevation"
- Firefighters have temprarily set up operations at City Hall


- Generally minor property damage reported around town
- Mayor Ernie Troiano: Water rose about a foot high all the way up to the Boardwalk, but “the beach is fine.”
- "We fared rather well, considering."

Wildwood Crest

- Beach sustained main impact of the storm
- Dunes from Rambler Rd. north sustained most damage
- Commissioner Don Cabrera: Existing dune system worked in limiting damage; professional environmental engineer will advise on further methods

West Wildwood

- Mayor Herbert Frederick: The borough experienced “one of the highest tides we had in the last 15 years.”
- “Between the cost of the cleanup and the bulkheads, and the overtime and equipment, we’re probably looking at around $200,000" in damages
- Commissioner Scott Golden: Some residents were “pretty upset” by perceived lack of planning for emergency management

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  1. Hi Al,

    Thanks for the excellent and comprehensive coverage of the recent storm damage. Nice to have it all in one place. Hope you will be able to continue with the more frequent postings.