Friday, October 2, 2009

Duke Mack Dies, Wildwood Loses an Icon

In an article published on Funchase, Ralph Grassi has informed the online Wildwood community that Dominick "Duke" Mack, co-founder of Mack's Pizza, passed away on September 18.

Dominick and his parents, Anthony and Lena, and brothers Joseph and Vincent came to Wildwood in the early 1950s from Trenton, NJ, where the family had owned and operated a restaurant. They would establish the original Mack's store on the Boardwalk at Wildwood Ave. and eventually opened three others - at Glenwood Ave., Lincoln Ave., and Roberts Ave.

The Wildwood Ave. and Roberts Ave. locations, of course, are still in operation, having served generations of island visitors and residents.

Ralph's piece features a heartfelt tribute to Duke, who he met as a child and eventually worked for at the Roberts Ave. store. Also included is Duke's obituary from the Wildwood Leader.

Though I can not claim to have "known" Duke Mack, I had the pleasure of meeting him on several occasions; he was always very kind and accommodating, and took the time to talk with my family when we stopped by the Roberts Ave. store over the years.

Even more than that, as a lifelong Mack's Pizza fanatic, I feel indebted on some level to the Mack family for creating one of the Wildwoods' most cherished and enduring icons.

So, thank you, Duke, for everything!

And to the rest of the Mack family and all of Duke's friends, Wildwood 365 would like to send our deepest condolences. Wildwood has lost a pioneer and friend, but his legacy will live on forever...


  1. My condolences to the family and friends. The mack family may not know this but when I was very young, back in the early 80's, I was a Mack's pizza nut. I compared every other pizza I ate at different shore points to Mack's!! Some of my fondest memories of Wildwood back then include Mack's and I remember the Duke throwing that pie in the air!! You've touched a lot of people, thank you, John R - Elmwood Park.

  2. So sorry to hear, but this man has left a legacy. I first ate Macks Pizza when I was 2 years old from what I'm told and have never found a pizza that can match. Every year I go back to Wildwood, I have to have a slice of Macks before I do anything else. Thanks so much for this wonderful creation.